Mixed In Key

Loved by the world’s top DJs. Mixed In Key will make your DJ mixing sound better.

Become a Master of Harmonic Mixing

The world’s best DJs use Mixed In Key. It analyzes your files, and helps you use Harmonic Mixing so you will sound perfect in every DJ set.

We’ll teach you all the cool tricks used by pro DJs. Explore this website to learn DJ techniques like Energy Boost mixing and Power Block mixing. The How-To Guide covers a bunch of DJ techniques that were secret before we published them.

Start using Mixed In Key now

Underground and mainstage artists love Mixed In Key. When you install this software, it will drastically improve your DJ mixing performance.

What software do you currently use? View a quick integration guide for Serato, Traktor, Pioneer DJ Rekordbox and Ableton Live.

Use Mixed In Key to prep your music

Mixed In Key scans your music files and shows you everything you need to play a great DJ set:

• Our exclusive Key Detection. We save Mixed In Key results in two different formats, like C Minor or “5A” <– we’ll teach you how to use that value
• The amount of Energy in every track, on a scale of 1 to 10
• We will segment each track into 8 parts, and we’ll transfer those cue points into your favorite DJ software
• Perfect playlists because you’ll make 100% clean ID3 tags with no junk data
• Mixed In Key will help you use at least 8 new DJ techniques. It has a 5 minute learning curve, followed by a lifetime of playing better DJ sets.

Use automatic Cue Point detection

Mixed In Key will detect Cue Points in your music and write them to ID3 tags. You can use them in Serato and Traktor to load the perfect part of the song anytime.

For more details visit the official page.

OS supported: Mac OS X and Windows
License : Proprietary
Latest releases: Official page